The Egnatia Motorway crosses all Northern Greece, from East to West, starting from the Igoumenitsa Port, which links Greece to Italy, ending at the Greek-Turkish border.

Egnatia Motorway is a catalyst for investments in Northern Greece, in the transport, manufacturing and tourism sectors. It greatly facilitates trade and travel within Greece, bringing Epirus and Western Macedonia much closer to the metropolitan center of Thessaloniki (2nd largest Greek city), the rest of Macedonia and Thrace.

On a European level it links the major economic and industrial centers of the West with those in the East by adding an uninterrupted trading connection between them. It is also a collector route for the Balkan and South-eastern European transport system, since Pan-European Corridors IV (Berlin - Sofia - Thessaloniki), IX (Helsinki - Alexandroupolis) and X (Vienna - Belgrade -Thessaloniki) end at the Egnatia Motorway.

Egnatia Motorway is positioned to serve:

  • 36% of the country’s population
  • 33% of the country’s GNP
  • 54% of the country’s agricultural land
  • 41% of the country’s employment in industry/small trade
  • 51% of the country’s extractive industry


LENGTH:  670 kilometres 
STRETCHING: From Igoumenitsa in the Prefecture of Thesprotia to Kipi in the Prefecture of Evros
REGIONS SERVED: Epirus, Macedonia and Thrace
MAJOR CITIES SERVED: Igoumenitsa - Ioannina - Metsovo - Grevena - Kozani - Veroia - Thessaloniki - Kavala - Xanthi - Komotini – Alexandroupoli
LINKED WITH THE BORDERS OF: Albania - FYROM - Bulgaria - Turkey, through nine major vertical axes
PORT LINKS: Igoumenitsa - Thessaloniki - Kavala - Alexandroupoli
AIRPORT LINKS: Ioannina - Kastoria - Kozani - Thessaloniki - Kavala – Alexandroupoli
INDUSTRIAL ZONES SERVED: Ioannina - Florina - Edessa - Thessaloniki - Kilkis - Serres - Drama - Xanthi - Komotini – Alexandroupolis, either directly or through its vertical axes


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Advisers to the HRADF

Financial : Alpha Bank
Legal : Zemberis, Markezinis, Lambrou & Associates Law Firm
Technical : Avaris/Novus