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Welcome to, the official website of the «Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF)» (hereafter as «HRADF»). Please read the following terms and conditions carefully on this website. The use of HRADF website implies that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Please check this page every time you visit our site, as these terms and conditions may be amended and updated whenever necessary.

Liability disclaimer

HRADF bears no liability, direct or indirect, for any damage (positive or consequential), that may result from any use of the Website and/ or the information contained therein, whether or not relevant information is provided by HRADF or from a third party.

HRADF makes every effort to ensure that the content of this website is as timely, secure and error-free as possible, but in no way guarantees the accuracy and the correctness of the information/ information contained therein. In any case, the user of the site is solely responsible for evaluating the content posted and HRADF bears no responsibility for any risk or damage suffered by the user from the use of its content.

Intellectual Property – Industrial Property – Prohibition of republishing

All content of the information as well as the services displayed on this website is exclusively owned by HRADF and is protected by national intellectual and industrial property laws, European law and international conventions and treaties. All content of this website, including distinctive titles, marks, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, etc. are the intellectual property of HRADF and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions and treaties. Exceptionally, part of its content may constitute intellectual property of third-party affiliates and entities for which HRADF is licensed for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of its website. Any copying, transferring, or derivative work based on this content or misleading the public about the actual provider – administrator of the site is prohibited. Reproduce, re-publish, upload, announce, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of HRADF or any other copyright holder.

Republishing Content

The content of HRADF website is freely available to the public. Specifically, it is permitted to read the content as it becomes available through the website and for as long as such content is available. Reproduction of portions of the site content is also permitted, provided that such content is not altered in any way and expressly indicates that it is reposted from HRADF website, including the date of publication, and a relevant link to the website, where this is possible. In all cases, all copyright in the content and copies created thereunder is maintained. For the use of third-party content published on the website of HRADF, the interested party should contact the holders of such rights.

Third Party Websites

The HRADF website may provide hyperlinks to other sites at certain points. HRADF should not be considered as endorsing or accepting the content of the services provided by such websites or in any way associated with them. It also does not control the availability, content, privacy policy, quality and completeness of the services they offer. Users can only browse them at their own risk. The website of HRADF is not responsible for any damage that may be caused using links or hyperlinks to other websites, as well as any information that may be contained on its links pages. Consequently, for any problem that arises, users must contact the respective websites directly, which bear full responsibility for the provision of their services.

Changes to the website

HRADF always reserves the right to change or remove any section or the entire website without prior notice. Users of the website have no claim for compensation if they cannot use this site and the services offered.

Privacy Policy

The handling and protection of the personal data of the visitor / user of the HRADF website is governed by existing Greek and EU data protection laws, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and Law 4624/2019 (A’137). The use of the web pages and services provided to the visitor / user by the HRADF website implies its unconditional compliance with the Privacy Policy. In order to inform the visitor / user, he/she must read carefully the Privacy Policy content posted on this website.

Cookies Policy

The HRADF website can collect user IDs using technologies such as cookies. Cookies are small text files with short content that are stored on a user’s computer or other electronic device (eg cell phones, tablets, ets), when they visit the site. For more information, visit our Cookies Policy available on our website.

User Obligations

Users and visitors of this website have the obligation to respect all rules of Greek and International law as well as user ethics.

Users may use this Website only in accordance with the applicable Terms and Conditions at any time, if unauthorized use of this Website is found, the User agrees to indemnify HRADF for any loss or damage incurred.

Dispute Resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in Greek law, European Union law and international treaties. Any provision of the above terms contrary to law shall automatically cease without prejudice to the validity of the rest. These terms are agreed between HRADF and the visitors/ users of the website and bind only them. The Parties agree that an effort shall be made to settle amicably any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions. If a friendly settlement is not possible, the courts of Athens shall be responsible for the settlement. By using the HRADF website, you agree to the above terms, expressly and unconditionally.

Modification/ Update of Terms and Conditions

HRADF may modify these Terms and Conditions from time to time for the purpose of compliance with regulatory changes, in order to optimize its functions and services. Any updates, modifications will be posted on this website with a date indication to let us know which is the most up-to-date version. No modification of the terms will be considered and will not form part of the Agreement unless it has been formulated in writing and incorporated therein.

Last updated: April 2020