Alexandroupolis Port Authority S.A. (OLA S.A.)

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The company under the corporate name “Alexandroupolis Port Authority S.A.” (OLA S.A.) has the right to exclusively use and operate the land, buildings and infrastructure of the port of Alexandroupolis and of the smaller port of Makri, located in northeastern Greece, in the administrative region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, by virtue of a Concession Agreement with the Hellenic Republic, while having administrative jurisdiction over the port of Kamariotissa and the Therma fishing shelter in the island of Samothrace. The Concession Agreement has a duration of 60 years from its signing thus expiring on March 21st, 2063.
The main activities of OLA S.A. comprise the provision of berthing to ships, dry bulk and conventional general cargo stevedoring services and storage, as well as coastal ferry operations and passengers’ services. Furthermore, the port of Alexandroupolis has extensive infrastructure that can support additional container, bulk cargo and passenger transportation activities. The port of Kamariotissa primarily connects the island of Samothrace with mainland Greece, while the other two ports service local needs.
Pursuant to the decision No. 222/05.11.2012 of the Inter-ministerial Committee for Restructuring and Privatisations (GG 2296/B/2012), shares corresponding to 100% of the share capital of the “Alexandroupolis Port Authority S.A.” were transferred to HRADF.
HRADF has appointed Deloitte Business Solutions S.A. and Euroconsultants S.A. to act jointly as its financial advisor, Your Legal Partners, Dracopoulos & Vassalakis LP and Alexiou – Kosmopoulos Law Firm to act jointly as its legal advisor, Doxiadis Associates as its technical advisor and Port Consultants Rotterdam BV as its commercial advisor with regards to the Tender Process and the Transaction.



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