Asset Development

The Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A. (HRADF) develops and leverages the state private property assigned to it by the Hellenic Republic, according to the country’s international obligations and the Medium-Term Fiscal Strategy, in the public interest, attracting investment and creating multiplier value for people and the economy.

The implementation of the Fund’s asset development program is in progress and aims to fuel growth by attracting direct investments in infrastructures, energy, real estate, and other dynamic sectors of the Greek economy while achieving important benefits, such as job creation, infrastructure modernization, and development at a national and local level.

In this regard, the fundamental priorities of HRADF are:

The Fund’s asset portfolio is diverse and includes:

HRADF manages and develops part of the state’s private property to maximize its value and attract direct investments through the implementation of the Asset Development Plan. Once every six months, HRADF designs and approves a new version of the ADP, taking into account the expected revenues of the semester, the long-term benefits, and the complexity and maturity level of each project.

HRADF ensures that each asset matures sufficiently during the asset development implementation, resolving outstanding administrative and licensing issues and adding value to the final price. In addition, where possible and applicable, HRADF includes mandatory investments in its tenders to promote growth and job creation further.