Attica Motorway

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Attica Motorway is a modern motorway extending along 70 km, which was constructed on a concession basis during the ’90s. It constitutes the ring road of the greater metropolitan area of Athens and the backbone of the road network of the whole Attica prefecture. It is an urban motorway, with two separate directional carriageways, each consisting of 3 lanes and an emergency lane (hard shoulder). The suburban railway of Athens has been constructed in the central reservation of the Motorway. The Motorway is part of the PATHE road axis (Patra - Athens - Thessaloniki - Evzoni) and connects the Athens – Lamia National Road with the Athens – Κorinthοs National Road, by-passing the centre of Athens.

Being a closed motorway, it has controlled access points and consists of two sections, which are perpendicular to one another: (a) the Elefsina – Stavros – Spata A/P motorway (ESSM), extending along approximately 52 km, and (b) the Imittos Western Peripheral Motorway (IWPM), extending along approximately 13 km. Part of the Aegaleo Western Peripheral Motorway extending along approximately 5 km also forms part of the Attica Motorway.

By virtue of the decision no. 195/27.10.2011 of the Inter-ministerial Committee for Asset Restructuring and Privatisations of the Hellenic Republic (Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic – B΄ 2501/04.11.2011), HRADF acquired the right to grant to third parties the concession right over the Attica Motorway for a time period up to 25 years after the expiration of the concession agreement dated 23 May 1996 between the HR and the current concessionaire ATTIKI ODOS S.A., which was ratified by Law 2445/1996 (Government Gazette of the Hellenic Republic – A΄ 274/16.12.1996).

HRADF’s Advisors

Financial: Pireaus Bank – Lazard
Legal: Labadarios Law Firm
Technical: Avaris- Toll Plan (South Africa)- Infrata (UK)



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