Castello Bibelli is a property of particular cultural value, which includes the main Castello building (a stone building with tiled roof of outstanding architectural merit in the Neo-Gothic style, whose special features are the two towers and the atrium), as well as four other ancillary buildings. It was built at the start of the 20th century by the Italian Admiral Bibelli, on a lush green area. The CASTELLO BIBELLI building, the CASTELLINO shell and the shells of the three ancillary buildings (2 with two stories and one ground floor only) were characterised as historical buildings within the meaning of the provision of Article 6 (1c) of Law 3028/2002, namely modern cultural monuments from the last one hundred years with special architectural, urban planning, ethnological, or in general historical, artistic or scientific significance. The broader area of the property under review is one of the most developed from a tourism aspect, and most beautiful regions of Corfu. It has lush green hills, beautiful beaches, high-end hotel complexes, rental rooms, tavernas and also awarded restaurants (e.g. Etrusco).



The property is located 500 m approximately from the village of Kato Korakiana. A significant advantage is its proximity to the Town of Corfu (14 km approximately) and its good coastal road network. The property lies 700 m. from the famous beach of Dassia, around 6 km from the Marina of Gouvia, Corfu, and around 16 km from Corfu’s International Airport ‘Ioannis Kapodistrias’.  The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.


Building facilities

Two-storey stone building with tiled roof consisting of:
Basement:       133.25 m2
Ground floor:        866.73 m2
1st Floor:       849.84 m2
Tower A:     154.24 m2 Tower B:     264.19 m2
Total……1.968.25 m2

Ancillary buildings
a.Two-storey tiled-roof stone building consisting of:
Ground floor:        109.27 m2
1st Floor:       109.27 m2
Total……218.54 m2
a.Two-storey tiled-roof stone building consisting of:
Ground floor:           60.87 m2
1st Floor:          60.87 m2
Total……121.74 m2
a.Ground floor tiled-roof stone building with an area of 59.40 m2

d.Ground floor tiled-roof stone building with an area of 57.76 m2


Investment advisors

Technical Advisor: ASPA SA & EUROBANK Property Services SA
Legal Advisor: M. & P. Bernitsas Law Firm



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