Corfu Megayacht Marina

In progress


HRADF holds 100% of the shares of Corfu Port Authority, a company that has the right to operate the Main Port of Corfu until 2063.

The Master Plan of Corfu Port includes the development of a megayacht marina on the west side of the cruise terminal. The marina is located on the western end of the Corfu Port (“Kefalomantouko” area), on the west side of the windward pier near the new passenger station. Specifically, a port basin of rectangular shape with dimensions of 390X320m is planned, with the entrance to the basin being in the northwest while the mouth is 140m wide. It also includes a maneuvering cycle of approximately 200m. diameter.

As per the Spatial Planning Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette 168/AAP/13.05.2008), the marina has a planning for 98 superyachts, as follows:


Yacht Length Yacht Width Number of berths %
30 m 8 m 49 50%
40 m 9 m 20 20%
50 m 11 m 17 17%
60 m 13 m 5 5%
70 m 16 m 5 5%
140 m 20 m 2 2%
Total 98 100%


The wharfs will have a width of 16m, while the marina will have a minimum depth of 5m. The total land zone covers 39,400m2, with 19,750m2 being reclaimed land. The current zone planning includes a hotel, a restaurant, a café-bar, shops, tennis courts, a supermarket, parking facilities, etc.





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