Corporate Governance

The Fund’s management provides direction, leadership, and an appropriate environment for its operation to ensure that all available resources are fully utilized towards achieving its objectives while paying particular attention to the full transparency of the process.
Company policies in the operational activity stages emphasize the provision of long-term, sustainable, and investor-friendly assets development that are socially acceptable, create new employment opportunities, help restructure markets for the benefit of end consumers, and add value to all stakeholders.
The Fund’s management strategy focuses on assessing market conditions and alternative development methods per project while adhering to a robust business model that ensures transparency, prevents conflicts of interest, and maintains a high level of cooperation with all stakeholders to attract direct investments and achieve regional and national growth.
The internal operation of HRADF is reflected in the Fund’s by-laws governing the organization and operation of the company, following the provisions of Article 8, paragraph 1 of Law 3986/2011. Specifically, the by-laws include the following:

The Fund has an independent Internal Audit Department. To ensure the independence and full transparency of the operation of the Internal Audit Department, the Fund’s operation is supervised by a three-member Audit Committee, which reports to the Board of Directors.

Legal and Regulatory Framework