Horizontal Technical Support to the Ministry of Development and Investments to the following actions, namely 16703, 16711, 16634,16624, 16618,16654, 16621, 16593 & 16543

Σε Εξέλιξη

Μονάδα Ωρίμασης Έργων

Βudget: 14.632.843,70 € including VAT

Duration: 31.12.2025

Funding: 100% funded by RRF

The project concerns the Horizontal Technical Support of the Ministry of Development and Investments  and in particular, the supervision and coordination of the following nine actions funded by the European Union -NextGenerationEU, Fund for Recovery and Sustainability (RRF):

  • Combating illicit trafficking and protecting intellectual property
  • Public Procurement domain
  • Νew Industrial Parks,
  • Actions for the simplification of the business environment and its upgrading in quality and safety
  • Amendment of the legal framework for the attraction of strategic investment
  • Basic & Applied Research Aid
  • Research and Innovation Extroversion
  • Creation – Expansion – Upgrade of the Research Centers infrastructures supervised by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation

Budget of the nine actions: € 1,059,940,000. RRF funding: € 697,034,020

The strategic importance of the nine actions, their successful implementation, the maximum response of the implementing bodies to their timely and accurate completion, as well as the absorption of the RRF resources, are factors of great importance for the public administration. During the period of maturation and implementation of these nine actions and given the very strict timetables set by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, the supervisory and coordinating role of HRADF is vital for the smooth implementation of these strategic actions.

Scope of the project: a) project management services b) audit services regarding the verification of the disbursement milestones, c) PMO services and d) technical services/ studies required for the assignment and / or implementation of the nine actions.

The project (RRF ID 17004) is implemented through the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan “Greece 2.0” framework with European Union funding – NextGenerationEU.