Kavala Port Authority (KPA SA) – Central port of Kavala “Apostolos Pavlos”


Ports Planning Authority

The central port “APOSTOLOS PAVLOS” is surrounded by the city of Kavala and until 2002 it was the central point of maritime transport in the wider region of Kavala. In October 2002 the freight transport was moved to the Port “Filippos B” and the central port is now used as a passenger port (to and from the island of Thassos and regular routes to Lemnos, Mytilene, Chios and Samos), as a fishing reserve, as well as for nautical sports, and cruise & yachting activity. The central port has a total quay length of 1,950m and depth of 4m to 10m. The construction of floating docks has been recently completed at the northwestern and northeastern sections of the harbour providing 160 additional berths for yachts up to 12 meters and 10 berths for megayachts.

The company Kavala Port Authority (KPA SA) is the managing body for four ports: the passenger/central port of Kavala “Apostolos Pavlos”, the commercial port of Kavala “Philippos B’”, the port of Keramoti and the port/shelter of Eleftheres, by virtue of the concession agreement with the Greek State dated 15.01.2003, amended in 2019. The Concession Agreement and its appendices were ratified by law 4597/2019, which provides that the duration of the Master Concession Agreement will be of sixty (60) years, expiring on January 15, 2063.

Shares corresponding to 100% of the share capital of the company “Kavala Port Authority S.A.” were transferred to the “Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A.” under Decision No. 222/05.11.2012 of the Interministerial Committee for Restructuring and Privatizations (Official Gazette B’ 2996/2012).

Pursuant to Article 159 of Law 4635/2019, the “Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund S.A.” (HRADF S.A.) acts as the Planning Authority, responsible to co-ordinate the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study (SEIA) consultation process and the licensing of the port “Apostolos Pavlos” investments plan. Major investments to be licensed upon approval of the master plan include extension of the piers, revision of uses, coastal engineering research of the wider area, etc.