Lavrion Port Authority S.A.

In Progress


“The company under the name “Lavrion Port Authority S.A.” (OLL S.A.) has the exclusive right to use and exploit the land plots, buildings and facilities of the Port of Lavrion, through a Concession Agreement with the Greek State with a duration of 60 years from its entry into effect (expiring in 2062). The main activities of OLL S.A. include passenger services, handling and storage of conventional cargo, yachts and sailing boats services, as well as cruise activity.

HRADF is the sole shareholder of “Lavrion Port Authority S.A.”, by virtue of the decision 222/05.11.2012 of the Interministerial Committee for Asset Restructuring and Privatisations, which transferred to HRADF shares corresponding to 100% of the share capital of the company.”

In the tender for the development of the Lavrion Port Authority, HRADF has appointed the companies “Octane Management Consultants S.A.”, “Fortsakis – Dracopoulos – Mylonogiannis & Associates Law Firm” and “Marnet Engineering Consulting S.A.” as financial, legal and technical advisors.