Mission and Vision

HRADF’s philosophy is to act as a strategic partner for the Greek State to attract investments, enhance the Greek economy’s growth potential, strengthen its international credibility, and produce national wealth.

The Fund is a growth multiplier. Its mission is to maximize Hellenic Republic’s revenues by developing public assets and creating added value for the Greek economy, the people, investors, the local communities, the labor market, and the environment.

HRADF’s growth mission is deployed in two strategic axes: First, the focus is to maximize Hellenic Republic assets’ value and ensure the implementation of high-level procedures with transparency. Furthermore, through the Project Preparation Facility (PPF), the Fund aids in maturating and accelerating strategic high-performance projects, which are classified as part of the “Strategic Project Pipeline” (SPP) on behalf of other public sector entities.

Faithful to its’ principles of flexibility, efficiency, and the implementation of best international practices, HRADF leverages its’ extensive know-how on complex and demanding projects to strengthen the Greek economy’s competitiveness. Moreover, the Fund aims to accelerate the implementation processes and maximize the benefits of private investments in terms of economic revenues, public interest, and social welfare.