Property in the Loutra Platystomou area, known since antiquity from its thermal spring potential, in a natural environment of unparalleled natural beauty on the south foothills of Mount Othrys. The shape of the property is cyclical with a 500 m radius, at an altitude of 250 m, and is level in the center with hill-like peripheral protrusions.

Up to 2007, the renovated THERMAE PLATYSTOMOU RESORT & SPA hotel was in operation, with two 4 and 3 star units respectively, and thermal spring and wellness infrastructure. There are 5 Thermal Springs on the landplot, for which their recognition processes are being completed.
The characteristics of the property render it an attractive tourist destination with many options for the development of activities.



The property is located in Loutra Platystomou, 1.5 km from the Platystomo village. Access is possible through the new improved routing of the Athens-Thessaloniki National Road (PATHE) from the Lamia interchange, and then the Lamia-Karpenisi Provincial Road. Its distance is 34 km from Lamia, 50 km from Karpenisi and 245 km from Athens (3 hours by car from the Athens International Airport).

The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.


Tourist attractions & Points of Interest

  • Archaeological sites of Thermopylae, Delphi and Thebes
  • Pelion (traditional villages, beaches and ski resort)
  • Ski resorts of Parnassos and Karpenisi
  • Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida
  • Gorgopotamos Bridge


Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • Maturity Completion
  • ESCHADA Approval
  • Tender process


Building facilities

The buildings standing on the property are:

  • New “Asklipios” Hotel (renovated, not in operation) which includes a spa, a hydrotherapy unit and a swimming pool.
  • “Xenia” hotel (renovated, not in operation)
  • “Asklipios Palace” hotel (not in operation)
  • Restaurant building (not in operation)
  • Urban and popular rooms
  • Church


The plan is to develop the property with the ESCHADA approval, based on the provisions of Law 3986/2011 which will include the uses of Tourism-Leisure with focus on the development of thermal spring – therapeutic and medical tourism.


Investment advisors

Financial Advisor: OPTIMA BANK SA




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