The entrance of the marina is oriented to the north and protected by the remnants of the old port. The marina has zoning and planning arrangements in place, with a marine area of about 70,000 sq. m. and a land area of about 13,000 sq. m. Its capacity amounts to 175 berthing docks. The marina has the following infrastructure:

- a seaward breakwater with quays on its inner side for berthing boats and shielding on the outside to protect the harbor from ripples,

- coastal platforms for the mooring of recreational craft,

- two rectangular jets, connected to the west coastal quay,

- a complex of building facilities, which includes an administration building, a shop and WC building, a service building and a power substation building,

- Approximately 100 parking spaces along the seaward breakwater, and

- E/M installations and networks for the supply of electricity and water to docked boats.