Location: Western Greece Region, Aitoloakarnania Prefecture, Municipality of Nafpaktia
Type of asset: Landplot
Acreage: 163.228 m2
Within city plan: PART NO & PART YES

Coastal property in the Antirio village, close to the exit of the Rio - Antirio Cable Bridge (“Harilaos Trikoupis” Bridge). The property consists of four (4) separate parts and was used in the past as the main construction site for the Bridge. Artificial piers have been created in two parts. The comparative advantage of the property are its location in the center of a modern traffic-transit hub, that connects Peloponnesus with Western Central Greece and Epirus, and with the rest of Europe, since the Patras and Igoumenitsa ports are the main gates of Greece to Western Europe, its extensive coastal front and its size.


The property is located on Ionia Odos, on a critical part for road transport, and especially advantageous for serving marine transports. Connection with Ionia Odos is direct. The property is located 211 km from Athens, 15 km from Patra, 205 km from Ioannina.

The exact location and boundaries of the 4 parts of the property are shown on the Google map.

Tourist attractions & Points of Interest

  • “Harilaos Trikoupis” Cable Bridge
  • Nafpaktos
  • Mesologgi
  • Patras Port
  • Marina and Castles of Nafpaktos & Patra (Old Forts)
  • Mountainous Nafpaktia


Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • Maturity Completion
  • Tender process


Building facilities

There are no buildings on the landplot.

The development of the property is planned to take place according to the existing provisions outside the city plan, where we see significant capabilities of development, especially in the logistics sector.

Investment advisors



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