Location: Attica Region, Eastern Attica Prefecture, Municipality of Lavreotiki
Type of asset: Landplot with Buildings
Acreage: a) HRADF property 1,029,279.62 m2 b) landplot to be developed 589,452.86 m2
Built surface area: 26.100 m2
Within city plan: No

The Olympic Equestrian Centre in Markopoulo, Attica, is a property of significant size, where an integrated complex of open and closed facilities and infrastructures have been developed, and where the equestrian sports of the 2004 Olympic Games were hosted. 

The shape of the property is irregular, practically flat and borders with the horse racing facilities. 

The proposal is to develop the property with uses of “Theme - Recreation Park” which allow the development of new activities, alongside the existing functions of a sporting nature.



The property is located at the “Merenta” location of the Municipality of Markopoulo-Mesogaia in the south-eastern part of Attica. Accessibility to the Olympic Equestrian Centre is deemed very good, since it is located at a distance of 43 km from the center of Athens, around 13 km from the Athens International Airport and is connected by road to the ports of Lavrio and Rafina. 

The property is accessed via Attiki Odos and the Lavrio and Markopoulo Avenues, and is served by two entrances, one on its west and one on its north-eastern end.

The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.

Tourist Attractions & Points of Interest

  • Cape & Temple of Poseidon - Sounio
  • Archaeological sites of Vravrona, Marathonas and Ramnounta
  • Beaches of South and Eastern Attica (Porto Rafti, Artemida, Rafina, Marathonas, Sounio, etc.)

Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • ESCHADA Approval
  • Tender process


Building facilities

The Olympic Equestrian Centre consists of a complex of open and closed sports facilities and buildings which include:

  • "Main Jumping Arena" with 6000 permanent spectator seats
  • "Main Dressage Arena" with 2000 permanent spectator seats
  • Closed Arena with 2010 spectator seats.
  • Three Dressage practice arenas
  • Four Jumping practice arenas
  • Stables with a capacity of 280 horses
  • Veterinary Clinic with recuperation - isolation stables
  • Two-storey building of administration offices with an area of 3,131m2
  • Open parking spaces.
  • Helipad
  • Building complex housing the Markopoulo Fire Department


The urban planning regime of the property is expected to be revised with the ESCHADA approval and institution, based on the provisions of Law 3986/2011. According to the proposal, the property is planned to be utilised by developing the following zones: 

  • Zone Ι: Use “Theme Park-Recreation” with a total area of 426,517 m2 with a building ratio of 0.11.
  • Zone IΙ: Forest Protection Zone with an area of 120,424 m2 (unbuilt)
  • Zone ΙΙΙ: Use “Access-Parking Facilities” with a total area of 42,510 m2 (unbuilt).

Investment advisors

Financial Advisor: ALPHA BANK SA


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