Location: Central Macedonia Region, Thessaloniki Prefecture, Municipality of Thermaikos
Type of asset: Landplot with Buildings
Acreage: 761.197 m2
Built surface area: 2.655 m2
Within city plan: No

Coastal property at a small distance from the “Macedonia” airport. It has an irregular polygonal shape and a gentle slope. The seaside front of the property on the Thermaikos Gulf has a length of around 750m.    
In recent decades, the Municipality of Thermaikos - and Peraia in particular - have grown into a region of permanent and holiday homes during spring and summer. Moreover, in the broader region of the property, commercial and entertainment centers, malls and business centers have been developed (MEDITERRANEAN COSMOS, FLORIDA 1 & 2, IKEA, MEGA OUTLET etc.). On its north-eastern boundary, the property neighbours with the “KAPPA 2000” Centre for the Development of Culture and Adjusted Sports. In the past it housed the ERT broadcasting facilities



The property is located east of the outskirts of the Peraia town. Its distance from Thessaloniki is 21 km and 8 km from the Macedonia airport. Access by road from Thessaloniki is via the Thessalonikis (Agricultural School) Avenue and the Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania National Road. Also direct is access to the property from (and towards) the “Macedonia” Airport through the Airport road, and then through two interchanges from the Thessaloniki - Nea Moudania National Road and the Thessaloniki - Polygyros National Road respectively.

The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.

Tourist attractions & Points of Interest

  • Tourist attractions and Archaeological Sites of Thessaloniki (White Tower, Castle, Kamara, etc.)
  • Petralona Cave
  • Beaches of Halkidiki & Pieria
  • Archaeological Site of Vergina
  • Mount Athos

Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • Maturity Completion
  • ESCHADA Approval
  • Tender process


Building facilities

On the property there are abandoned, old buildings, without any architectural interest. The total surface area of the existing buildings is approximately 2500m2.

Investment advisors

Financial Advisor: ALPHA BANK SA


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