Code Location Prefecture Municipality/City Landplot
surface area (m2)
Area (m2)
Nea Iraklitsa “Alanes”,
Nea Iraklitsa village
Kavala Paggeo 105.140,52 -
ΑΒΚ 3396 44.592,91

ΑΒΚ 3052 88, Ippokratous,
Neapoli Area
Attica Athens 174,06 893,91

ΑΒΚ 3033 17 Aiolou & 64 Ermou Attica Athens 472,14 320,6

Former Magistrate Court
of Klitoria
Klitoria village Achaia Kalavryta 908,62 589,87

Former Magistrate Court
of Andritsena
Agia Varvara district,
Ileia Andritsena –
244,43 362,35

Xenia of Kythnos Settlement of “Loutra” Cyclades Loutra, Kythnos 7.018,4 4.040,45

ΑΒΚ 123 Sabariza Area or “Pigadia” Argolida Ermioni 155.626,47 -
ΑΒΚ 199 525,00
ΑΒΚ 200 12.356,81


Investment Advisor: Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) S.A.

Technical Advisor: Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) S.A.

Legal Advisor: KLC Law Firm, Hellenic Public Properties Company (HPPC) S.A.

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