Hellenic Football Prognostics Organisation S.A. (“OPAP”) was established in 1958 as a private legal entity and was converted into a Société Anonyme in 1999.

OPAP relies on a 20-year concession contract signed on December 15th
, 2000 (the “OPAP Agreement”), pursuant to which the Hellenic Republic granted the company the exclusive right to operate and manage 11 numerical lottery and sports betting games in Greece. OPAP is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001 and the Hellenic Republic (“HR”) holds 34% of its share capital. The HR has decided to further privatize OPAP by selling up to its total stake on the company. In the context of such a sale, the HR transferred 29% of its stake to the HRADF, plus the right to extend the duration of the agreement dated 15.12.2000 between the HR and OPAP. The negotiations that followed concluded to an extension of the OPAP Agreement for 10 additional years until 2030. Moreover, OPAP was granted the exclusive license for the operation of 35,000 VLTs, of which 16,500 will be operated by OPAP itself, while the remaining 18,500 will be operated by concessionaires that will be selected for that purpose.

The HR has appointed National Bank of Greece and Deutsche Bank to act as financial advisors and Karatza Law firm and Freshfields to act as its legal advisor for the privatization.

For more information, please visit Hellenic Football Prognostics Organization website: http://www.opap.gr

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