DEPA is a group of companies with presence in the energy sector, actively engaged in the wholesale market, trading, supply and distribution of gas to large and retail customers. HRADF holds 65% of DEPA and Hellenic Petroleum the remaining 35%.

DEPA holds 100% of the Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator S.A. (DESFA) and 100% of the Gas Distribution Company Rest of Greece and 50% of IGI Poseidon, an indirect shareholder also of the ICBG.

Further to the above, DEPA currently holds, 51% of Attiki Gas Supply Company S.A. and Attiki Gas Distribution Company (EDA Attikis) and 51% of Thessaloniki-Thessaly Gas Supply Company S.A. (EPA Thess) and Thessaloniki-Thessaly Gas Distribution Company (EDA Thess) accordingly. The remaining 49% of the aforementioned companies belongs to private investors.

According to its Asset Development Plan (ADP), HRADF shall engage financial advisors with regard to the monetization of its participation in DEPA. It shall be noted that, in terms of HRADF's ADP DESFA is considered and treated as a separate asset.

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