A Unique Investment Opportunity

As part of the Hellenic Republic’s privatization program, the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (“HRADF”) seeks to attract investments in Greek public real estate properties.

Abundant green landscapes, beaches of immaculate beauty, a tantalizing blend of sea and mountains, traditional colors, historical landmarks, rich culinary and cultural treasures, all form the striking mosaic known as Chalkidiki.

Chalkidiki is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Greece. Tourist arrivals in hotels amounted to approximately 672 tn and tourist arrivals in campings amounted to approximately 74 tn for the year 2010.

The Paliouri village is found in the elevations of Kassandra, at a distance of 3 km from the sea and altitude of 120 m. In Paliouri’s beach, Greek National Tourism Organization established one of the first major tourist units of Chalkidiki, Xenia and Paliouri Camping.

Characteristics of the Property

The property is located:

  • 78 km from the capital of Chalkidiki, Polygiros
  • 115 km from the town of Thessaloniki (99 km from the international airport and 110 km from the Port of Thessaloniki)
  • 6 km from Pefkochori village and 3 km from Paliouri village

The size of the property is around 210,742m2 and includes the tourist units of Xenia (3,658 m2) and Paliouri Camping Facilities ( 1,128 m2)

It also has access to the cove of Kanapitsa, a dreamy sandy beach with white sand and exotic waters, which includes the capes of Alonaki and Chrousso

The property has a coastline border of around 1,300 m

Exploitation of the Property

Considering the site’s location and its natural beauty, the development potential and, thus, the implied value could be extremely high

The property is offered for the development of an upscale residential complex, focusing on vacation homes and hospitality/leisure facilities

Potential exploitation plan for the Property could include up to:

  • 3,658 m2 of luxury hotel (via leasehold or concession)
  • 19,954 m2 of vacation homes & hotel villas (freehold)

The Property will be developed in accordance with the procedures for urban-planning maturity, prescribed in Law No. 3986/2011 and the relative Special Development Planning Zone (ESCHADA).

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