Castello Bibelli is a property of significant historical and cultural value. The main building “CASTELLO” of a built area of 1.968,25 m2, is of neo-Gothic style, made from stone, with tile roofs and its distinctive features are its two turrets and its patio. The property also includes four additional auxiliary buildings, with a total built area of 457.44 m2. It was built at the beginning of the century, by the Italian Admiral Bibelli, in a wooded hillside, within an area of 77,019 m2.

CASTELLO BIBELLI building, the shell of CASTELLINO and the shells of three auxiliary buildings (two double-decker and a ground floor) were classified as monumental buildings, in accordance with the provisions of article 6 par. 1c of Law No. 3028/2002, namely as one of the newer cultural assets, dating back to the last century, with great architecture, urban, ethnic, or generally historical, artistic or scientific importance.

This high-level property offers the opportunity for a modern hotel unit of high specifications (Boutique Hotel) to be developed, harmonized with the architectural character of the property, as foreseen from the current urban plan, with its main building "CASTELLO'' restored and used (Lobby, venues recreation, food service activities, public gathering spaces, utility rooms).

In particular, the tourism development of the surrounding area is proposed, for example the creation of walking paths for visiting Castello; secondary residencies, sports infrastructures, supplementary spaces and infrastructures for the touristic activities of Zone I hotels, such as cafes and restaurants, are also provided for.

The Property will be developed in accordance with the Special Town Planning Development Plan (“ESCHADA”) which has been drawn-up for the property in accordance with Article 11, 12 of Law No. 3986/2011, including the “Tourism-Leisure” and “Touristic Village” land uses, and is expected to be approved by Presidential Decree.

The property is located approximately 14 km from the town of Corfu, 500 m from the village of Kato Korakiána, 700 m from the famous beach of Dassia, 6 km approximately from Gouvia Corfu Marina and 16 km. from Corfu International Airport "Ioannis Kapodistrias".

The surrounding area of the property is one of the most developed tourism destinations of Corfu: It has green hills, beautiful beaches, high quality resorts, rooms to let, taverns and even awarded restaurants (eg Etrusco).