Regional Airports - Traffic and Technical Advisor

RFP for Traffic and Technical Advisor in relation to the privatization of the Regional Airports of Greece

Pursuant to the provisions of Law N. 3985/2012 “Medium Term Fiscal Strategy 2012-2015” (Government Gazette nr. Α’ 151/2011), the Medium Term Fiscal Strategy 2012-2015 was adopted, together with the “Privatisations Programme 2011-1015” (Chapter Β’, Part ΙΙ «Privatizations»), which includes, inter alia, the exploitation of Hellenic Republic’s (the “HR”) rights and interests in the regional airports of Greece - excluding the Heraklion International Airport (the "Airports").

To this end, the HR aims at exploring the optimal reorganization of the Airports into small number of groups, the attraction of strategic investors, the granting of relevant concession agreements and the monetization of HR’s rights, taking into account the provisions of Law 3913/2011 (the “Transaction”). For the purpose of the Transaction the HR may form one or more companies that will hold the HR’s rights and interests in the Airports (the “Company” or “Companies”)

In the context described above, the HR is seeking to appoint a specialised traffic and technical advisor (the “Traffic & Technical Advisor”), in order to assist the HR and its other professional advisers in relation to the Transaction.


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