Project Preparation Facility

In anticipation of our country preparing to absorb the funds from the Recovery and Resilience Facility, HRADF has created a new independent operational unit, the Project Preparation Facility (PPF), pursuant to law 4804/21. The purpose of this new unit is to mature, carry out the tender process, and supervise the implementation stage for projects of strategic importance, which are classified as part of the “Strategic Project Pipeline” (SPP) as per law 4799/21.

In addition, the PPF is well placed to support every governmental organisation in its efforts to prepare and implement projects, which may be funded by national, European, or international funding programs. Once these projects are classified as part of the “Strategic Project Pipeline”, the PPF can efficiently manage the projects in order to mature and accelerate them.

The new unit will draw on the asset development experience gained by HRADF to effectively and efficiently mature projects of strategic importance. This experience includes maturing various types of assets and implementing projects. In addition, the HRADF has a thorough understanding of and experience in the public sector processes. Furthermore, using HRADF’s Regulation for Assignments, the Fund has experience in hiring external consultants using flexible and accelerated procedures.

The PPF unit acts at the request of, and on behalf of, the project Beneficiary to accelerate the project completion and to reduce the Beneficiary’s workload. This is done by supporting the Beneficiary’s administrative structure as well as through management and coordination of the project consultants, to ensure quality and efficiency in their delivery.


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