Reform of the Primary Health Care system

In progress

The project “Reform of the Primary Health Care system” concerns the renovation and the operational and energy upgrade of the Primary Health Care infrastructure. Through this project, 50% of the country’s Health Centers, Regional and Local Clinics and Regional Polyclinics (156 out of a total of 312), will be upgraded. Furthermore, chronic disease management centers will be developed within the Health Centers.

By the implementation of the project, the National Primary Health Care System will be reinforced, and the quality and efficiency of the health care services provided to the citizens, will be improved.

The buildings’ operation will be improved by rearranging the internal layout, by replacing the equipment and by installing equipment to facilitate access for people with reduced mobility. In addition, all the necessary repair works will be carried out, as well as any necessary upgrade works in the buildings’ surrounding area.

The energy upgrade of the Health Centers and Clinics will be achieved through thermally insulating the buildings’ shells with the addition of external insulation, the replacement of all the windows and doors and the reconstruction and thermal insulation of the buildings’ roofs. In addition, the partial or complete replacement of the mechanical and electrical equipment and the reconstruction of the mechanical and electric networks will be carried out where required. Finally, the energy upgrade works will include the installation of energy saving systems and building management systems (BMS).

The Project Preparation Facility (PPF) of the HRADF has undertaken to mature, carry out the tender process, and supervise the implementation stage of the project.

The project is implemented through the framework of the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan “Greece 2.0” with European Union funding – NextGenerationEU.





Decision to amend the deadline for submission of the tender offers and the deadline for the electronic opening of the tender offers within the context of the Declaration of an open process for the selection of a contractor for the construction of the project: “Energy upgrading, Modernization, improvement and renovation of Health Centers of lot A: ORESTIADA, DIKAIO, lot B: SOUFLI, lot C: SAPES, IASMOS, AVDIRA, lot D: ECHINOS, STAVROUPOLI, PARANESTI, lot E: NEVROKOPI, PROSOSTANI, lot F: MAVROTHALASSA, SERRES, STRIMONIKO, lot G: IRAKLEIA, SIDIROKASTRO, RODOPOLI, lot H: NEA MICHANIONA’’

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