Request For Proposals τo act as Technical Consultant to the HRADF for the provision of technical consultancy services for the projects managed by the Fund PPF Unit

HRADF has created a new independent operational unit, the Project Preparation Facility (PPF), pursuant to article 5B of Law 3986/2011 to accelerate the absorption of funds from the Recovery and Resilience Facility and to accelerate the maturation and implementation process of Projects of Strategic Importance of Law 4799/2021. Therefore, HRADF intends to hire two (2) consultants for the technical support (maturation, conduct of tender process and monitoring of the performance of the contract) of the Projects of Strategic Importance assigned to the Fund by virtue of decision of the Governmental Committee on Projects of Strategic Importance of Law 4799/2021. Most of the Projects already assigned to the Fund shall be financed by the Recovery and Resilience Facility, since they are included in the approved National Recovery and Resilience Programme “Greece 2.0”.

For more information, please refer to the attached document.