Property close to the Sani holiday village in a location of exceptional natural beauty and environmental interest at a distance of 300 m from the sea.

The property consists of two independent neighbouring landplots: the north with a surface area of 642,280 m2 and the south with an area of 273,651 m2. The shape of the landplots is polygonal, with a long-length façade on the asphalt-paved road connecting Nea Fokaia and Nea Potidaia with Sani, with a flat surface and no particular slope. The soil is earthy and almost their entire area is covered by low vegetation and arable land.

The area is a popular destination and is known for its top-class tourism development with 5 star hotels (Sani Resort west of the property, Aegean Melathron Thalasso Spa Hotel, Posidi Holidays Resort & Suites Hotel, Theoplano Imperial Palace Hotel, Potidaia Istion Club, etc.) and high quality holiday homes.



The property is directly accessible by road from the Provincial Road of Nea Moudania-Kallithea and the peripheral road crossing the Kassandra peninsula (Kassandreia – Fourka – Kalandra – N.Skioni – Paliouri – Kryopigi – Athytos – Kassandreia), by sea from the Sani Resort port and by air from the “Macedonia” Thessaloniki Airport. Its distance from Thessaloniki is 90 km and 75 km from the Macedonia airport.

The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.

Tourist attractions & Points of Interest

  • Tourist attractions and Archaeological Sites of Thessaloniki (White Tower, Castle, Kamara, etc.)
  • Halkidiki Beach
  • Mount Athos
  • Petralona Cave
  • Archaeological sites of Vergina and Amfipoli


Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • Maturity Completion
  • Tender process



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