Coastal property on the south part of the Maliakos Bay, in the center of the Kamena Vourla town, one of the most famous thermal spring centers since the 1930s. The coastal front of the property (northern boundary) consists of a sandy beach with a length of approximately 520 m, whereas the south boundary extends to the pine-tree covered sides of Mounts Knimis, part of the Kallidromos Mountain range. Inside the property there is a luxury 5-star unit in operation , with a Wellness center & SPA and hydrotherapy units supplied by Thermal Springs, for which recognition processes are under way. The combination of sea, thermal springs and forested mountain, render the area a remarkable, emblematic and famous resort, at a close distance from Athens, which attracts significant tourist traffic.



The property is located within the Kamena Vourla town. Access is direct, via the new improved routing of the Athens – Thessaloniki National Road (PATHE) and via the old Athens-Thessaloniki National Road. Its distance is 175 km from Athens (2 hours by car from the Athens International Airport), 145 km from Volos, 100 km from Delphi and 40 km from Lamia. The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.

Tourist Attractions & Points of Interest

Archaeological sites of Thermopylae, Delphi and Thebes Pelion (traditional villages, beaches and Ski Centre) Ski Centres of Parnassos and Karpenisi Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida (Ypati), Archaeological Museum of Lamia, Historical Information Centre of Thermopyles


Next steps

Completion of preparation of ESCHADA and SEIA

  • Approval of ESCHADA
  • Tender Process


Building facilities

The buildings and infrastructures standing on the property include the following:

  • Hotel Galini 5* capacity 500 beds (in operation)
  • Ippokratis Hydrotherapy center (in operation)
  • Hotels Radion & Thronion (listed, not in operation)
  • ASKLIPIOS hydrotherapy center (listed, not in operation)
  • Sports facilities


The plan is to develop the property with the ESCHADA approval, based on the provisions of Law 3986/2011 which will include the Uses of “Tourism-Leisure” with focus on therapeutic-thermal spring tourism centers, and with possibility of additional buildings – compared to the existing ones – of approximately 6000 m2. A proposal will be made to amend the current Street Planning for its part within the city plan.


Investment advisors

Financial Advisor: ALPHA BANK SA
Legal Advisor: KLC LAW FIRM