The property is on the foothills of Mount Iti, in a forested area of the Sperchios valley. Its name derives from the thermal baths which existed in the settlement since antiquity. There is a recognised Thermal Spring on the property, known for its therapeutic properties since the 4th century BC and equal to the Thermal Baths in the cities of Royat, France, and Neuhelm, Germany, as regards the physical and chemical composition and the properties of the water. A hydrotherapy center is operating on the property, in a very good condition, with approximately 100 baths in use and an exterior pool. There are 3 hotels on the land and supporting facilities, whose renovation and re-operation, in combination with development in new sectors, will render the complex a pole of attraction for thermal and medical tourism.



The property is located within the Loutra Ypatis village, 5 km from the Ypati village and 4.5 km from the Lianokladi village. Access is via the new improved routing of the Athens-Thessaloniki National road (PATHE) from the Lamia interchange and then via the Lamia-Karpenisi Provincial Road. Its distance is 17 km from Lamia, 64 km from Karpenisi and 230 km from Athens (2.5 hours by car from the Athens International Airport).

The exact location and boundaries of the property are shown on the Google map.


Tourist attractions & Points of Interest

  • Archaeological sites of Thermopylae, Delphi and Thebes
  • Pelion (traditional villages, beaches and ski resort)
  • Ski resorts of Parnassos and Karpenisi
  • Byzantine Museum of Fthiotida
  • Gorgopotamos Bridge​


Επόμενα βήματα αξιοποίησης

  • Maturity Completion
  • ESCHADA Approval
  • Tender process


Building facilities

The following buildings are located on the property:

  • Hydrotherapy center with 82 baths, exterior pool 186 m2 and a laid out refreshment booth (in operation)
  • 3 Hotels:  “Xenia” with a capacity of 143 beds (not in operation), “Ypati” & “Lamia” (listed and abandoned)
  • Restaurant Fthiotis and Ground-floor beer restaurant
  • supporting building facilities (beauty salon, storage etc.)


The plan is to develop the property with the ESCHADA approval, based on the provisions of Law 3986/2011 which will include the uses of Tourism-Leisure with focus on the development of thermal spring – therapeutic and medical tourism.


Investment advisors

Financial Advisor: ATTICA BANK
Technical Advisor: Decathlon SA & ALPHA ASTIKA AKINITA SA