Casino - Technical Advisor

RFP for Technical Advisor in relation to the privatization of Hellenic Casino of Parnetha and Casino Market

According to Table II, Chapter B, Law 3985/2011 “Mid Term Fiscal Strategy Plan 2012-2015”, the Hellenic Republic (“HR”) has decided to further privatise the HELLENIC CASINO OF PARNETHA S.A. (“HCP” or the “Company”) a 49% subsidiary of the State owned Hellenic Tourism Properties S.A. (ETA).

Moreover the HR wishes to review the current status of the casino market in Greece and assess the best available options regarding the existing casino licenses with respect to their exclusivity status, as well as the possibility of granting new licenses.  

HCP is the second largest casino in Greece. The HR, via its wholly owned investment entity ETA, controls 49% of HCP share capital while 51% belongs to Athens Resort Casino S.A., an investment vehicle of Regency Entertainment S.A. (70%) and Ellaktor S.A. (30%). Athens Resort Casino S.A. and ETA entered into a Shareholders’ agreement in 2003 according to which both shareholders enjoy a right of first refusal on any sale of HCP shares by the other party. In addition, Regency has a management contract with HCP which is valid until 2013 

In the context of the above, it is necessary to seek the appointment of a specialized technical expert, in order to assist the HR and its other professional advisors in relation to the Privatization.


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