RfP for the conduct of an assessment study on 23 regional airports in Greece

Invitation for submission of proposals to act as advisor to HRADF for the conduct of an assessment study on 23 regional airports in Greece. The prospective Advisor must produce and provide to the Fund a detailed value assessment study that should cover in detail at least the following components/items:

  1. Review and evaluation of each airport from an operational, commercial and traffic point of view.
  2. Identification of the value potential for each airport, taking into consideration the potential to attract additional airlines and destination routes, as well as the upside from ancillary operations (i.e. commercial and real estate) of each airport.
  3. Development of a business case for each airport.
  4. Analysis of the potential upside of creating clusters of airports.
  5. Evaluation of available and commercially feasible transaction structures.

Offers must be submitted no later than 24 June 2016, 17:00 Athens time, irrespective of the way of submission

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